Ideas for Casino Party Outfits - Themed Casino Party Dress Code

Ideas for Casino Party Outfits - Themed Casino Party Dress Code

To those who are not regular casino goers, it may sound a little weird, but yes, casinos throw parties, in fact, they throw the best parties of all. As you may know already, casinos are as common today as any other business, especially in cities like Las Vegas, Macau, and Reno, which are known as the best online casino Malaysia hubs in the world. So, if you are a casino freak looking to appear awesome in your next casino party, we’ve got some great outfit ideas for you.

Most of the casino parties are theme based, so you will have to wear a certain type of dress. However, there are also parties that are not based on any specific theme and allow you to wear any smart casual dress. In this article, we are going to share some nice outfit ideas for both casino themed parties and casual parties.

Outfit Ideas for Themed Casino Parties

Queen of Hearts Theme

As the name says, this theme is based on the Queen of Hearts playing card and you can wear almost anything from the fantastic tale of Alice in Wonderland. Cool, isn’t it? Of course, the best options are to dress up like the Queen or Alice. You can also imitate one of the other characters from the story, especially if you are a man and cannot dress up like the Queen or Alice. Girls (and ladies) can simply wear red and white just like the Queen of Hearts.

Monte Carlo Theme

These are the casino synonym of the royal parties. Monte Carlo theme parties are mostly organized by big casinos. These parties are quite popular and represent the luxury of casinos and their players. Obviously, the outfit for such events has to be the nicest of all, that are decent and elegant at the same time. Some examples include beautiful ball gowns for women and attractive tuxedos for men. Doesn’t matter if you are a high roller or just a casual gambler, if you are invited to a Monte Carlo theme party, you should dress like you deserve to be there.

Corporate Theme

These type of casino parties are very official, so you can wear whatever you wear in a office party. Some examples include black tie dress, cocktail, suit, etc. Most of these parties will usually have a theme and you should dress up accordingly. If there is no specific theme, you can wear anything you want as long as it is a decent and proper outfit for official events.

Many corporate offices these days prefer casinos to host their parties as these places are the best in terms of entertainment delivery.

Mardi Gras Theme

Mardi Gras is the best party theme if you are looking to have one of the bold casino parties. These parties are organized by many casinos and are very popular among gamblers who like to party hard. The best outfit for the occasion is the one with a lot of colours and possibly some beads and feathers and also some glitter. However, if you are looking for a more classy look, you can go with a plain but colourful top-to-bottom dress and wear a mask and other attractive jewellery. Do not forget to add Mardi Gras beads to your outfit.

Black Tie Casino Events

Black tie events usually refer to evening parties and social functions where you have to dress fancy dresses, such as tuxedos, suits, cocktail dresses and gowns. Fundraisers, inauguration parties, etc., hold by casinos are usually black events and require you to dress up in formal tailored suits or any other similar attire.

Outfit Ideas for Other Casino Parties

The best parties are the ones without a theme as you get the freedom to wear anything you want. If you are planning to attend a non-themed casino party, here are some outfit ideas for you.

For men

1. Jeans and shirt
2. Shirt and leather pants
3. Format suit, 2-piece or 3-piece
4. Traditional wear

For Women

1. Maxi
2. Jeans and shirt
3. Shirt and leather pants
4. Formal tops with pencil skirts
5. Palazzo or sleek trousers
6. Pantsuits


Now that you’ve got the perfect dress idea for your casino party, what’re you waiting for? Just suit up and go have some fun.

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